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Jajajaja, Ya te cargó la put*
Buena animación.

Siempre se agradece algo en Español (TOM, arregla la enye!)

Muy divertido, sigue haciendo cosas


Crazyness everywhere! But I love it!!!

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Bugs found:

Multiplier does not decrease below 0.01% in time (in other terms, hero stones are worthless beyond certain cuantity, approx. 20).

Time counter does not goes below 0.1 seconds in time (the greatest feature of exponential/idle games are the first task is overpowered), so the first quests are useless (from the forth unlocked last to the first are useless). If you buy recruiters, they simply can't be useful beyond 0.1 sec, because there are a limit in the counter. If you have a problem with graphical artifacts, simply put a white rectangle instead a increasing counter. Simpler is better.

If you have all recruits, the discounts in daily kingdom news are meaningless. Same with items, armor, pets... (what's the point in offer a discount in armour when you have all of them)

The money you gain with the rent the free space is not linear with the amounts you need to buy, compared with the 2 in the middle and the 3 lasts. The money you gain equals the experience you gain, so this is a very weak point to redo the adventure. The castle, without recruits, gives you 1k when rent at max, costs 1 M; the povince costs 1Sp and gives you 100Sx. (10% vs 0.1% means A LOT).

The "permanent gain" does not mean "permanent" when restart the adventure, this means all the gains goes to the closet when restart (the perma buff in some quests are quite significant and useful to invest in the third selection). The same goes into the invest time: hero spirits does not decrease the time to complete an invest (if quests are faster, invests, too).

You force to use the invest when entered in the lasts upgrades, there is no quests available to reach 10^36, 10^39.

It's imperative to put in the options menu one option to change from exponential to nominal exponents: "K-M-B-T-Qa-Qi-Sx-Sp-Oc-No-Dc-Un-Do" means "10^3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27-30-33-36-39"

The 2nd last monster needs some Qi (still blocked when you have 1Oc, nonsense).

The game is awesome, I really adore to extract the formulas you used to craft this game. Very accurate and well done. Check the bugs and good luck.

Nice concept

great game!

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From the Olskool section showing support. Great beatwork and very great job. Sampling voices is not so easy, so capture a good voice sample is the big thing.
Kudos for your job. Keep coming on.

wandschrank responds:

Thanks a lot, mate!

Great tune, so catchy!

AudioDriver responds:

Cheers! :)

Great tune. Solid, well constructed and good transitions. 10/10

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So expresive...

Impressive. There is a bit of bad scaling in both eyes, but the result is superb.


Tsvetoslav responds:

thanks man. :)

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