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Back again here, boys!

2014-02-07 12:55:41 by TheFantasyClub

New song being uploaded. Enjoy!

Sample used:

Time remaining: 3-5 days (I hope)

Sofia Loren... aaaahhh...

Sample used...

You won't expect it!

Back again, folks!

2012-08-29 20:02:21 by TheFantasyClub

Weeeheee! Another instrumental on the way.

Now in youtube: (uploading to NG asap)

Youtube channel:

Subscribe and get updated!

I stopped to make instrumentals because finals are coming and I want to flush all creativity on them.

More themes soon!

I saw a very epic anime, with a very epic soundtrack...

Tomorrow, another instrumental.


2012-04-06 13:19:05 by TheFantasyClub

Crafting another song, buahahahaha.

Moar songs coming.

2012-04-04 13:14:55 by TheFantasyClub

Finishing flu and getting better, songs are going out again!
Tonight, moar songs. Buahahahaa.

2 more instrumentals in progress!

2012-03-09 19:27:30 by TheFantasyClub

2 more instrumentals are in the oven right now.

Tomorrow I will release them.

*Edit* Postposed, illness.

One of them, parent request, published.

In 4 days I made 4 instrumentals using the Rama (Team-Dix) method.

I think I need a rest.